Congratulations Robin Soong Awarded Malaysia Top 100 Outstanding Real Estate Agents

Robin believes in leading by example. He continuously improves himself and strives for excellence, and this makes him achieve great success in Maxxan Realty. Under his leadership, his team has been grown exponentially over the years.

Top Corporate Leader Magazine Q&A

  1. Why did you choose to enter the real estate industry?

Hi, there guys! My name is Robin from Melaka, and I am one of the Team Leader in Maxxan Realty here in Malaysia. Maxxan Realty is my 2nd real estate company that I have worked with. Previously I was attached to Chester Properties and have been in this industry for more than 7 years now. I have to say, it has been a wonderful journey. I have my fair share of challenges and obstacles along the way, triumphantly, I am able to persevere and I have had a lot of fun along the way.

  1. What are the entry standard for entering this industry?

As a real estate agent, your each moment is spent working for yourself. This means managing your own office work, paperwork, finding leads, developing relationships, managing contacts, and dealing with clients. Honestly, I think both education and training are of great importance. Education is the foundation of your career and training helps prepare you for the market. For example, the market training we receive gives us insight into both the sentiments of the people and all the activities around us that help us become better agents.

  1. What qualities do you think a real estate agent should possess to succeed in this industry?

Going into the real estate industry as an agent takes more than just making the career choice, it also means completing the educational requirements. I underwent an intensive CPD course from MIEA which taught me all about the skills we need in selling sub-sales and project marketing, how to get big deals and more. This training was very practical; hence, we were able to really benefit from it. This course also highlighted what agents should know before going into the market. It’s a 2-day course and agents need to pay RM600 for the training.

Maxxan Realty continues to train its agents to keep us a step above the others in the market. And this is why Maxxan is such a good choice.

  1. How did you stand out in the industry and make customers to choose you?

Deciding to become a real estate agent is a major move in anyone’s career journey.  In this world, nothing is easy. You’re an independent entrepreneur and control your own business deals. You make the decisions. You need a good attitude and solid work ethic, and there are virtually no limits for the growth of your business. In the real estate industry, the hardest part I found is prospecting. The number of rejections that I faced at the beginning of my career was overwhelming, but I believed I could do it. So I continued to strive to do my best; and for every ‘no’ I got, I knew the next one would be a ‘yes’! This industry does not need a sprinter, we need a marathon runner.

  1. In your personal sales career, what has left you with impressive memories?

Before I became an agent I had this perception that real estate is a very complex business. I thought being a real estate negotiator would be a very lonely path because conventional negotiators can only work within their areas and we do not normally venture out internationally. However, my perception changed when I joined Maxxan. This is not a mundane 9 to 5 job. Real estate agents set flexible daily schedule’s that works for them. Much of a real estate agent’s time is spent socializing, meeting people, and building relationships.

  1. Who do you want to thank the most?

My team has grown over 3 times since 2017 thanks to our incredible platform. It empowered my team and I to go further and grow bigger. It takes loads of energy and drive to accomplish everything that needs to get done every day. All different marketing methods work, we just need to be active and continuously keep at it until we succeed. My team thrives on drive and ambition, as well as mutual support; and this keeps us motivated through good times and lean times. Our clients note our energy and drive, and appreciate our enthusiasm for the business. This is what builds trust.

  1. How do you lead the team and make it easier for team members to succeed in this industry?

I believe in leading by example. By continuously improving ourselves we try to be perfect, but we can never be perfect, this is how the world works. So, by always trying to achieve perfection, we are constantly making ourselves better, and we can continue to deliver the best services. Real estate agents are in a service profession. Our job centers on helping other people. It is very rewarding helping people navigate one of the biggest financial decisions of their lifetime. Our enthusiasm for our job is our biggest selling point and ensures we continue to maintain the highest quality of service.

  1. How should a new real estate agent choose a real estate agency?

The real estate industry can be extremely rewarding. It is a competitive game and requires both ambition and focus. If you thrive in a competitive environment, the real estate industry is just right for you. Giving up on yourself when things do not go your way is not only giving up on the company, it is giving up on what you promised yourself when you first came into this industry. Remember, it is not about how fast you can run, it is about how far you can go.

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Posted by Robin Malacca Properties, MY on Sunday, 1 December 2019

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