Congratulations Azmiah Zarah Binti Md Ali Awarded Malaysia Top 100 Outstanding Real Estate Team Leader

Azmiah Zarah Binti Md Ali believes that if she willing to 100% focus and commitment, she will reap the rewards from the property sector. As a successful Team Leader in Maxxan Horsepower Group, she learnt a lot during her career, such as understand the client’s needs and manage their demands, while helping them to achieve their dreams.

Top Corporate Leader Magazine Q&A

  1. Why did you choose to enter the real estate industry?

I been introduced with Mr. Tee and share about the interesting part of real estate industry. I felt why not I try to be real estate negotiator and see what will be happen in future. I started join Maxxan Realty since year 2018. During my years of joining Maxxan, I see many opportunities in my life and I grab it. If you are willing to give 100% focus and commitment, you will reap the rewards.

  1. What are the entry standard for entering this industry?

Minimum requirement is SPM certification with your strong desire to beat your comfort zone. Set your attitude, willing to learn, be professional, discipline and have big dreams. It will bring your inner strengths to be successful.

  1. What qualities do you think a real estate agent should possess to succeed in this industry?

Firstly, set your mind; what do you want to achieve during your journeys as real estate negotiator. Next, creates your values by improves yourself, be professional negotiator yet setting positive attitude, willing to learn more, step out of your comfort zone, and most important never give up.

  1. How did you stand out in the industry and make customers to choose you?

My practice is simple yet gives big impacts; those are honesty, openness, truthfulness and sincerity towards not only clients, but also towards my team members, peers and competitors.

  1. In your personal sales career, what has left you with impressive memories?

During my years been in real estate industry, I learnt a lot how to understand the client’s needs and manage their demands, while helping them to achieve their dreams. I realize my effort, make client happy after the deal is done. In future, my clients will be back for me if they trust me.

  1. Who do you want to thank the most?

Mr. Tee and Mr. Sam, both of them welcomed me in real estate industry, guided me through thick and thin, motivate me. Both of them, always support my suggestion, in order to improve a lot, not just for me but also my team. Not forget, my dear husband, Mr. Syafiq as my backbone and always being there for me through my ups and downs. He understanding my decision and supporting my path of career.

  1. How do you lead the team and make it easier for team members to succeed in this industry?

As a leader, I try my best to be available and approachable, when my team needs me most. Understand that every team member is unique and requires different approaches. Always keep a positive mindset during tough situation. Lead by example. I also have training on-going, in order to motivate them, and teach them more useful knowledge and technical needed to be experienced real estate negotiator.

  1. How should a new real estate agent choose a real estate agency?

Apart from selecting a reputable agency with proven track record, one should look for an agency that shares similar objectives and values to one’s own. What their purposes and want to achieve in future, really matters. So, choose wisely and go for it.

  1. Technology is changing the world, what real estate agent should do?

Even though, technology been expanding and changing the ways people’s sees, agents can prioritize a personal branding on social media by creates networking expert. You should regularly post and share in social media, and make sure your presence is felt. Not forget, marketing is subjective, unique creativities is needed in order to fulfill your target market.

  1. What are your personal plans for the future?

I cannot consider it as personal plan, as myself planning to growth rapidly with my company where I can continue to learn, challenge myself, and contribute as much value as possible to my team. In addition, I would like to pursuit my personal growth to enhance the quality of life and to achieve one’s dreams and aspirations. Within my active years, I successfully built my own empire named “Maxxan Horsepower Group” (MHG). We actively recruit new real estate negotiators. As a result, I have teams in Ipoh, Melaka, Seremban, Kuantan and latest in Penang. In future, I want to expand my teams to other states, and it not impossible to expand worldwide.

  1. Are there any problems in this industry that you feel obligated to let the public or those who want to enter this industry need to pay attention?

Everyone thinks that real estate is an easy way to make money. Actual, it’s not as you seen. Real estate is a profession and requires high level of professionalism. If you want consider this career path, be ready to give more 100% commitment, and if possible, on full time basis. In addition, integrity, organized and persistent is the keys of success.”

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Posted by Azmya Zarah on Saturday, 28 November 2020

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