Congratulations Nadia Zainal Awarded Malaysia Top 100 Outstanding Real Estate Team Leader

As a Top 100 successful real estate leader , Nadia Zainal core practices is don’t expect any return when helping other team mates because she believes that a  good deed will always give us unexpected returns.

Top Corporate Leader Magazine Q&A

  1. Why did you choose to enter the real estate industry?

Its nature versatility in terms of Business Opportunities Portfolios and Individual skills required to be at least at par with the senior when you are a new player and ahead from the new comer at all times. Oh boy, I just love the challenge.

  1. What are the entry standard for entering this industry?

Cute like me? Am just kidding. The standard entry level is actually depending on which sector in real estate you want to be involved. Different sector definitely required different sets of skills in additions to of course

Good Attitude, Self-Driven Motivation, Natural Learner & Team Player.

  1. What qualities do you think a real estate agent should possess to succeed in this industry?

Knowledgeable about Real Estate Law & Selling, Buying Processes, Able to build good long-term network with Clientele, keeping one’s up to date about Market Conditions, Attention to Details, Engaging,Personality, Honesty and Integrity and last but not least must have Problem solver mindset.

  1. How did you stand out in the industry and make customers to choose you?

Consistency on personal brand building campaign execution throughout the years using many offline & online platforms.

  1. In your personal sales career, what has left you with impressive memories?

This a tough question to answer (seriously impressive memories such a long list for me). Honestly the top answer will still be the 786,000,000.00-land deal in 2016 that makes me an overnight millionaire.

  1. Who do you want to thank the most?

Faith in God Allah S.W.T that always puts me on a better plan than my own planning.

  1. How do you lead the team and make it easier for team members to succeed in this industry?

I share my few best years’ knowledge skills and in return I expect them to give their best in servicing to the public, helping another team mates when help is needed. One of our core practices is, we don’t expect any return when we help an individual because we believe that a good deed will always give us unexpected returns.

  1. How should a new real estate agent choose a real estate agency?

First of all, an agent should know in facts that no Agency is perfect as a whole. An Innovative & Always step ahead in Thinking and Action real estate agency, are two major criteria for agent’s consideration if one’s wants to go far in this industry.

  1. Technology is changing the world; what real estate agent should do?

Ability in learning and push yourself to “adapt” new things that you learn is a must. Change is hard, but real estate is an evolving industry, to sustained and be competitive especially with a younger REA Generation, up keeping marketing trends and dealing with consumer behavior seems like one’s has no choice other than upgrading one’s knowledge and skills, most of the time especially when we talk about Technology.

  1. What are your personal plans for the future?

Semi-retired early by having an auto run business running by my Partners & Staff

  1. Are there any problems in this industry that you feel obligated to let the public or those who want to enter this industry need to pay attention?

Wow this is a super long list to mention indeed. You are definitely eligible to be in this industry if you have a strong ‘BIG WHY’ for a life changing and willingness to ‘SACRIFICE’ things in life in your early years in this industry. However, selection on choosing a good company with a stable platform and a good leader that can guide an individual on how to fly high from the beginning is a key to success.

Posted by Nadia Zainal on Monday, 28 December 2020

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