Congratulations Mastika Dewi Binti Ali Awarded Malaysia Top 100 Outstanding Real Estate Team Leader

Mastika Dewi Binti Ali believes that her tenacity is one of the most important quality to succeed in the real estate industry. Her mark was stamped when she was announced in the agency telegram group as the first junior negotiator with the biggest sales in the first month – a RM1,250,000 sale! Fast forward, her illustrious achievements has been further recognized by being listed in the prestigious Malaysia Top 100 Outstanding Real Estate Team Leader award.

Top Corporate Leader Magazine Q&A

1. Why did you choose to enter the real estate industry?

I am the type of person who loves hurdles besides solving puzzles. Selling homes brings with it an array of challenges and problems to be solved. Other than that, the earning potential for real estate is unlimited when you have the drive to sell and skills in matching clients’ needs with their properties. I believe a great deal of energy and a fierce competitive spirit that I have can increase my earnings every year!

2. What are the entry standard for entering this industry?

Anyone can become a real estate agent. What is harder is to survive as a real estate agent. It is even harder to become a real success and make seven or eight figure salaries as a real estate agent. But if you have passion and let that fire fuel you to really hustle, grind and take calculated risks, you will stand out as a real estate agent.

3. What qualities do you think a real estate agent should possess to succeed in this industry?

I believe drive is one of the important qualities that a real estate agent should have. One can’t teach desire or being driven. To me, this intrinsic characteristic is the foundation upon which everything else is built. A person must be driven to have the qualities of competency, honesty, integrity, responsiveness, and transparency. And people can feel this energy!

4. How did you stand out in the industry and make customers to choose you?

I need to be knowledgeable about the areas I work in. I need to know everything about the areas I focus on, and I need to be articulate and confident in my answers when I talk about prices and deals or investment opportunities. I believed in focus area and not focusing on dozens of neighborhoods. Conquer one, two, then move on to the next. It takes years, not months to build an empire. Then you will see how you become an expertise and be stand out from the rest.

5. In your personal sales career, what has left you with impressive memories?

I joined the industry in Oct 2013 with zero experience and knowledge. I left with only RM50 after I paid my RM300 joining fees. I wanted to quit 3 weeks after joining. So I went to see my leader and told him I could not do this anymore. I received no calls and no viewings though I had put in a lot of effort. He told me that I should not quit. So I told myself, why not to give it another try? A week after that, God willing, I closed a RM1,250,000 double storey house in Puchong and was announced in the agency telegram group as ‘the first junior agent with the highest closing in her first month’!

6. Who do you want to thank the most?

I have faced several challenges on my way here, but each one of them has only strengthened me to make me the person I am today. This would not have been possible without the inspiration I have received from my leaders, partners and my team members, for whom I have the deepest respect, and from whom I have derived the strength to challenge myself and perform better at each stage. Not to forget, my utmost thanks to my parents for their endless love and support.

7. How do you lead the team and make it easier for team members to succeed in this industry?

People pay attention to what you do. The old saying, actions speak louder than words, applies to every one of us. As for me, I work as hard as I can in every way. I set an example and be a role model to the team. I set my eyes on a goal and does not lose sight of it unless it is achieved. I strive to be Top Performer every quarter. I work towards becoming a superstar agent. I believe my actions will make the team notice, and they will follow example.

8. How should a new real estate agent choose a real estate agency?

Few things to keep in mind when considering to join a real estate agency. Real estate agency will be quite different in term of fees structure and commission split. Some provide real estate technology while some don’t. Check also if the agency provides a large inventory of properties to sell or new launched projects. It is important to factor in all these costs before you commit to one. Another important factor is the leader you choose to follow. Look for someone with proven track record and full energy. But please remember, though you are in the top agency and under the wing of a top notch leader – nothing good will happen if you are not making any action. It always takes two to tango!

9. Technology is changing the world, what real estate agent should do?

As a real estate agent, they should keep up with modern trends in technology if they want to be in demand. I know some real estate agents see technology as a threat but they could actually use it to their advantage. It means that as an agent they should try different apps and tools in their working routine as well as follow the novelties released regularly.

10. What are your personal plans for the future?

Growing the team nationwide is in my next year’s agenda as this year I am occupied with my continuing education commitments. It has always been my dream to groom every business partners under my wing so they will become top producers by selling top of the tier listings. Nevertheless, i yearn to double up this year’s personal transactions and focus on finding more high end prospects and listings.

Whether you are an experienced agent or a new player wanting to explore more on the opportunities, you can communicate with me to discuss your plans over a coffee. It would cost you nothing for a good advice!

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