Congratulations Ahmed Soliheen Bin Abdul Rahman Awarded Malaysia Top 100 Outstanding Real Estate Agent.

Ahmed Soliheen Bin Abdul Rahman believes that to be a successful real estate agent, need to have a bright personality coupled with other qualities such as emphatic, persevere and have a know how in technology.

Top Corporate Leader Magazine Q&A

  1. Why did you choose to enter the real estate industry?

 It started in 2013 as a part time job to get money to pay for my marriage expenses. This made me realized my passion for real estate not just in doing sales but also in real estate investment. I choose this industry is also due to the flexible nature of work where I can spend more time with my family.     

  1. What are the entry standard for entering this industry?

The beauty of this industry is that there are no really entry standard to enter. Everybody has a chance to be successful in this industry as long as they’re willing to put in the effort. Effort equal to result here.

  1. What qualities do you think a real estate agent should possess to succeed in this industry?

For me, real estate agent need to have a bright personality coupled with other qualities such as emphatic, persevere and have a know how in technology.

  1. How did you stand out in the industry and make customers to choose you?

I always try to be anywhere and everywhere the target clients are, especially in the social media with informative content to compliments the real estate listings. I also picked a specific niche (landed in Cyberjaya) and established ‘Cyberjaya Properties’ brand. Through this brand, I try to position it as the authority and go to place for my target clients.

  1. In your personal sales career, what has left you with impressive memories?

One of the many impressive memories I had is when I was awarded the top sales award in my agency for 2019 and now selected as the top 100 outstanding real estate agent for 2020.

  1. Who do you want to thank the most?

First of all I would like to thank my family the most for supporting my decision to make the jump from a senior manager position in a ‘Big 4’ consulting firm. Special thank you to my agency and the management, colleagues, partners, clients and followers that helped to share, like and comments our contents in social media.

  1. How do you lead the team and make it easier for team members to succeed in this industry?

I put in place standard processes and tools to ease the onboarding of new team members while also providing ongoing training and sharing sessions to all team members with emphasizing on branding and marketing. More importantly is for me to lead by example with results and also continuously self-improve with latest knowledge and tools to share with team members.

  1. How should a new real estate agent choose a real estate agency?

New real estate agent should look into the agency work culture, commission payment practice and also the support given for new real estate agent to grow when choosing a real estate agency.

  1. Technology is changing the world, what real estate agent should do?

Real estate agent need to embrace this new technology and leverage it to our advantage. Technology changing the way people interacts and behaves and we need to understand that to tap to its potential. Technology also can help us reaching out to more targeted clients.

  1. What are your personal plans for the future?

 I plan to develop more engaging contents to share in social media platforms and further strengthen the branding. I also would like to explore business opportunity related to real estate especially in training.

  1. Are there any problems in this industry that you feel obligated to let the public or those who want to enter this industry need to pay attention?

 I would like to highlight that real estate agent is a professional profession. Just like other professional profession like doctors and lawyers, real estate agents deserved to be treated with respect such as respecting their time and also the income that the real estate agents deserved. But of course, all real estate agents need to adhere to a high standard and provide top level services to show that we deserve this respect.

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